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Do you need assistance paying for counseling?

Thumbs Up has partnered with several local mental health providers to offer free counseling sessions no questions asked. Simply fill out the form, sign the waiver and receive five free counseling sessions on us.

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“We value LIFE and we ASPIRE to help others in our COMMUNITY by talking about MENTAL HEALTH.”


Mission Goals

  • Help promote wellness and positive living for people through awareness and early education programs.


  • Encourage people to be open, engage in conversation, and be vulnerable.


  • Connect people to support services in the area.


  • Create a movement with a brand that makes mental health relatable and that people can build a relationship with.


This is How we will Achieve our Mission

Kickstart important conversations via our Thumbs Up apparel.

Encourage social connectedness via our community fundraising events.

Drive awareness via carefully selected relationships with individuals and organizations.

Bring the brightest minds together to inform, educate & teach coping skills for those who struggle with a mental illness.


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