Annual 5k & 10k event

The Thumbs UP 5K & 10K run, walk, and bike event began in October 2014 after several community members lost a loved one to suicide. The event hopes to support those families who have lost a loved one to suicide and to get the conversation started about mental health, with the hopes that it would allow a safe space for others to seek help.

We have hosted over 70 teams at past Thumbs Up events. Please consider forming a team and helping us raise money for this important cause. A team consists of at least four participants. You can also register a team if you are a business or other organization. Each team of four or more people will have a team sign along the 5K route. All team signs are kept and put out year after year. There is no additional cost to sign up as a team.



Teams and individuals can help us raise funds & win prizes!

The prizes will be awarded to individuals, both registered as part of a team & individually, who raise the following increments: $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 or more. The prizes will be ordered and mailed after the race is completed.
You can select your team name to be anything you’d like. If you registered a team in the past, we ask that you keep the same name.

Team Name: Remembering Hope


Walking in memory of her grandfather, who struggled with mental health issues and died by suicide in 2010. She was advocating for destigmatizing mental health in honor of his memory.


Walking for his best friend who lost his battle with depression. Raising awareness about the importance of mental health support and resources.


Walking in honor of her brother who lives with bipolar disorder. She is supporting mental health education and access to treatment.


Walking for his cousin who survived a suicide attempt. Promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


Walking for herself as a mental health survivor and, encouraging self-care and seeking help for mental health challenges.


Walking for his father, who is living with PTSD, and advocating for better mental health services for veterans.

Together, Team “Remembering Hope” is committed to walking for a cause, raising awareness
about mental health issues, honoring their loved ones, and promoting support and understanding
for those facing mental health challenges.

I walk for mental health because I believe in the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting overall wellbeing. Walking for mental health allows us to raise awareness, show support, and advocate for better resources and treatment options for those who are struggling. By participating in events like the 5K walk, we can come together as a community to prioritize mental health, honor our loved ones, and work towards a society where mental health care is accessible and accepted without judgment. 


2023 Top Team Fundraisers

  • Team Grandpa Bob – $10,140.32
  • Wish You Were Here – $3,595.13
  • Terra Construction – $2,956.24
  • Trizzle Trazzle Trizzle Troll – $2,317.64
  • Ashlyn Taylor Lee – $2,098.44
  • Team Sam Casperson – $1,793.79
  • Community Table – $1,616.80
  • Team Mitch – $1,600.31
  • Team Jackson – $1,588.43
  • InSPIRE Studios – $1,507.17

2023 Top Individual Fundraisers

  • Katie Shatusky – $8,798.89
  • Joe Payne – $2,829.10
  • Tom Brown – $1,711.66
  • Jeanne Schiller – $1,288.43
  • Kellie Nielson – $1,209.72
  • Kyle Fanning – $1,054.79
  • Lynn Ulwelling – $855.41
  • Kari Kraft – $797.45
  • Janet Casperson – $794.58
  • Melissa Bowers – $744.88
  • Melanie – $743.55

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