Team Challenge Toolkit

Here is a Toolkit for the July and August Team Challenges! We have listed FIVE different ideas below to raise money for your team! You are not limited to any of these ideas, these are just some ways that would be a simple way to utilize social media to raise donations! If you have any issues with the downloadable links or about the option itself, email!

Option #1

Give a Thumbs Up

This is a fun way to get people to donate! Try covering all of the thumbs up with their dollar amount! Filled-up graphics are equivalent to $465!

Option #2


Create your bingo card! Examples and an editable template are below! If someone is related and decides to donate, then cover the box and continue to try to get a blackout card! The per-box amount can be changed. $10/Box will add up to $240!

Option #3

Company Donation Match

Have a company team? Is the company already planning on donating a certain amount? Invite others to donate by posting a donation match amount! The amount raised will vary!

Option #4

Goal Log

This one is simple! Just post your personal goal amount and promote it through social media. Use a thermometer to track the progress on your socials. The amount raised will vary!

Option #5

Door to Door / Direct Messaging

Description: This one is an oldie but a goodie! Do you know neighbors, friends, or family that would be interested? Ask them to donate to help your team win! The amount raised will vary!

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