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Do You Need Assistance Paying for Counseling?

At Thumbs Up, we have a program that is built to aid individuals who are needing assistance paying for mental health counseling. Although we are not counselors ourselves, we have partnered with counseling professionals to help. Through our Referral Assistance Program, we can help you pay for five counseling sessions through our trusted partners. Our program is funded by members of the community who believe in supporting mental health care for all. To get started, select the counseling office of your choice, then fill out the form below.

Program Description

Thumbs Up High 5K, a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, (the “Organization”), offers to those the Organization serves as part of its charitable purposes as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, participation in a free, electronic referral program (the “Referral Program”) for referral of a participant to receive five (5) free sessions of counseling or therapy provided by a licensed counseling agency in the area that has agreed to receive such referrals from the Organization. In order for a person to participate in the Referral Program and to receive such a referral from the Organization, and for more information about the Referral Program, please fill out the application below.

By offering the Referral Program, the Organization is not in any way, through the Referral Program or otherwise, offering or providing any counseling or therapy services, or any intake or processing for any counseling or therapy services, or any emergency or crisis counseling.

In the event the Participant cancels less than 24 hours prior to the Participant’s counseling appointment with the Referral Agency, or does not show up for the appointment, this Agreement will immediately terminate, and the Organization shall have no further obligations under this Agreement.

We are proud to partner with the following Counseling Offices in Minnesota:

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